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8 It hurts, all this. ~ Sherlock Holmes
24 Your truth is your truth
14 The bearable burden of kindness.
12 Love, faith and compassion: unconditionally
25 On the Timefullness of Beauty and Annie Lennox

23 The Speck Becomes the Sea
4 Liberty, Intelligence and Courage ~ Mastery
31 What is not Love; What is not Light
28 hurt fail lose; grow succeed gain: lessons & pain
22 Perceiving Spirit
16 Pledge allegiance to love
1 What will be flows naturally from there

29 Argument is a Defense of Ego
21 Now and Love
31 Our fetish for stuff ~ Wallace Shawn and Karl Marx give you the shirt off their back…
14 You can’t make an omelette without chopping a few mushrooms
24 Adama and Roslin ~ Discovering love in the quiet moments.
6 Letting go ~ Won’t you stay? Jackson Browne soothes the road.
29 Love Came Calling
20 Alive in the World ~ Jackson Browne coaxes me out of my shell
18 Behold yourself lovingly ~ See the beauty that is you
9 To be, acknowledge you are
5 Roger Ebert ~ Discovering Kindness
2 The first rule of flying ~ Firefly, Serenity & Love
31 Need Obscures Love ~ Time to Let Go
29 Seeking ~ Being
22 Child of darkness ~ entering the gateway to all understanding
20 A Gradual Awakening ~ breathe yourself to sleep.
17 Not-knowing ~ Not Knowing
14 To Become, Let Go
10 Prayer Wheels
9 Reverence, Awe and the Divine Language of Science
2 Happiness and Unhappiness: Mind Games
27 Silent Rage ~ Bullet with Butterfly Wings
27 Until the Rage Released
26 Strive for Awareness
23 Truth Truly Tao
15 Peace, compassion and suffering.
15 Suffering & Compassion
14 Love? The New Season of Bah! Humbug!
12 Tree of Life
9 Lager
7 Precious Laughs
7 Shadow and Light
7 Practice
7 Dance Your Path
6 Mango
21 Light and Shadow ~ The Place Where We’re All One
7 Chicrets and Chi Balls
4 Just Dance

27 The Infinity of Simplicity
6 Sticks & Stones
4 Experience Peace; Express Love
22 Within the Teacher Lies the Lesson
12 False Self VS True Self
13 Truth: Exiting the spiritual path.

7 On Wings of Fire
15 Unburdened Love
21 Uncomfortably numb ~ David Gilmour and I can’t put our finger on it
30 Enveloped
14 Hidden Fruits
11 Beauty Unveiled
10 The Crucible of Suffering: Pain
9 Choose Love
24 One and All
4 There is always…
2 The Path of Becoming

19 Burden and Forgiving
9 The Way ~ when Nature plays its lovely hand
6 Time Tables and Being out of Time
3 The Road to Now
8 First a smile ~ Then a laugh
6 The supple vulnerability of love.
2 Letting go, moving on, going forward ~ Camel and Ice
23 Helpless in our anger
15 Intelligence and Wisdom
12 Simple Questions; Simple Answer: No Words
6 Listening for true silence ~ Speaking to common ground
6 Be Silent ~ Be True ~ Just Be
1 Precious Heart ~ finding the path out of darkness
27 Be mindful . . .
25 Sarah McLachlan reminds us ~ you’re so much more than good enough
25 Ancients and Contemporaries ~ timeless wisdom about violence
22 Bitter-sweet
19 Inner voices ~ finding the harmony in cacophony
19 Tumare Darshan ~ The essence of Noosa
18 Traces of me ~ In the darkness that is you
17 You might die trying ~ Dave Matthews was waiting for me
17 Fear & Fate ~ Answering the call
16 Brilliance ~ A gallery
16 The wisdom of loving brilliance
15 Bound or Unbound ~ Consider the consequences
15 Explore Within ~ Chances are Sheryl Crow can take you there
15 One ~ An evolutionary path
14 Before and After ~ Stephen Mitchell’s Second Book of the Dao
14 Learning ~ a love poem
28 Matches and the eternal sunshine of the spotless soul ~ Lawrence of Arabia
26 Dog & Butterfly ~ The beauty and bliss of reaching higher than you can grasp
21 The trick … is not minding that it hurts ~ Lawrence of Arabia
17 Beginning again with Sacred ~ Lotus Feet & Shakti
15 Finding love within the depths ~ Asa — Subway
16 Bodhisattvas of Science ~ Sagan, Feynman, deGrasse Tyson & Nye sing to the rhythm of the universe
13 Watery Rhythms ~ Deva Premal sings of Oshun, Goddess of rivers, seashores and love
12 Paul Simon ~ slip slidin’ my way from the blues to the rainbow’s loving hues
1 War Prayers ~ Mark Twain and Lao Tse on the artlessness of war
31 The second book of The Way ~ Stephen Mitchell illuminates the Tao again.
30 Jason Bourne and identity — who am I?
29 We’re too good to be this political ~ Be the change you want to see in the world
27 Revelations on the cycle of life & death, and spirit ~ Blaise Smith Band
24 Desert Dragstrip ~ Zen and the Art of Observation at any Speed
23 Your heart’s desire; the fear of having it all ~ Dave Matthews & George Bernard Shaw
16 Bif Naked is my bright mantra ~ Everyday
14 Dave Matthews ~ Minstrel of love, patience, perseverance in The Space Between
8 Love, strength and courage ~ The greatest things you’ll ever learn
3 The divine, beautiful grace
28 Amazing Grace comes in small packages ~ Rhema Marvanne
26 Get Miles Away to find your way home ~ Gomez, Thomas Moore and Tristan
24 Cycling Mantras ~ Establishing Desert Rhythms
22 I know why you’re crying ~ Orbison & lang know why too
20 Hearts traveling faster than the speed of love ~ the B-52s, Topaz
18 3 Things I Learned About Rejection By Being Accepted ~ A Traveller’s Tale
16 The Dao de Jing ~ The transformational quality of seeing the beauty in all things.
15 Annie’s Song ~ Notes on observing the sacraments of a sacred life
10 Grace on my mind, and in my heart ~ Dave Matthews
9 Neil Young: He came dancing across the water
6 Blade Runner ~ do androids weep electric tears?
1 The Fool’s day in April
31 Courage
29 Cloudbusting a rainy day in Vancouver: Kate Bush is in my subconscious
28 Nothing Else Matters when Bif Naked is your muse
18 Trying to figure out this life: I’m with you, Avril Lavigne
17 Remembering with Shakti: Lotus Feet and Vancouver’s Sea Wall
9 The Tao of Love and Light: Riffing on physics and faith
7 Peter Gabriel’s “So” — change is coming down like red rain
2 To Kill a Mockingbird: the courage of Atticus Finch
2 Courage is…: Joannie Rochette & Petra Majdič
22 Sheryl Crow is strong enough to be my man…
18 Quotes and notes regarding Gregory David Roberts’ Shantaram
18 Black and white, darkness without light: a spiritual journey begins on a Three Dog Night
14 Peter Gabriel & Ken Follet: Fear, the mother of violence
11 The party has already begun: 2010 in Vancouver and I Believe
10 Deva Premal: the tranquility of Gayatri Mantra
6 Deva Premal sings The Moola Mantra: a gift of love
5 Butterflies: Hope for the caterpillars
5 Fleetwood Mac and my summer of love
4 Winnie the Pooh and the Vinegar Tasters
3 Gabriella Cilmi: Lessons to be learned and feel a little safer
30 Fugitive Peace
28 Beauty, Cathedrals, Purpose: The Pillars of the Earth
28 Om Namo Bhagavate: Deva Premal — Tranquil Mantra
27 Contact: When science learns faith…

25 Seeking the true behind the true. . .
22 The path from emergency to emergence
19 The Butterfly
29 The Unfillable Hole in Man
23 The Green Book
22 The Choice :: To Live
17 Divine Synonyms
15 Spiritual Beings
14 RE: Delusions. . .
14 Delusions of Grandeur
13 Emergence… Metamorphosis
13 Emergence… and Butterflies
13 Yes…Passion
13 Passion
12 Note to Self
11 Everything is Wonderful
11 Jane
11 An Early Memory
10 16 thoughts I felt compelled to write down one day in 2008.
10 Glenn