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Daily eMail updates via FeedburnerReceive an eMail update every day I post new content to the blog. A bit old-fashioned, but a great way to stay up-to-date. And you’ll only receive emails on days there’s new content, so no clutter. You can subscribe to receive notifications of new posts and/or new comments. To follow the full story being told on this blog, I recommend both.

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Subscribe to our main RSS FeedFor those of you familiar with RSS, Atom and news aggregators, follow God Beauty Perfection Love :: Synonyms through the RSS/Atom feeds. They’re hosted via Feedburner and those guys are clever enough to deliver the newsfeed in a format readable by nearly all RSS and Atom based aggregators. Clever! As with email, there are separate notification feeds for posts and comments.

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Join us on FacebookAll new blog posts are announced on the My Muse Facebook Fanpage. I also post music, videos and quotes there that don’t quite make for an entire blog post. Like the rest of FB, it’s a social and friendly place and you’ll find folks are more likely to comment there than on the blog. Come play with us while I keep you up to date on new blog posts.

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Follow us on Twitter @DivineSynonyms Notifications of new blog posts and Facebook Fan Page activity get tweeted to the Twitter account DivineSynonyms . I even post the odd tweet. 😉