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Viagra from doctor uk [19:15:07] aussieobserver: any scanner work? [19:15:09] ChocolateRambo: I have a source that has confirmed he's in the cabin - I think it's confirmed by the CBS KAP feed [19:15:15] bing: "I don't know if they're trying to communicate the outside" [19:15:15] aussieobserver: im working it out [19:15:16] bonked_or_maybe_: [19:15:26] toodamnparanoid: source? [19:15:28] dontshootmebro: not yet CONTRAPHASE: hes holed again? [19:15:30] d8e8_: comprare viagra online italia it's so bad right now [19:15:31] aussieobserver: there's a scanner [19:15:32] bonked_or_maybe_: I have it on mute [19:15:32] dontshootmebro: d8e8_: it's the same scanner. all they're doing is talking about ammo [19:15:43] d8e8_: its so quiet, I could probably just hear my own heart beating [19:15:44] bonked_or_maybe_: I'm on -m [19:15:49] dontshootmebro: aussieobserver: you'll need a pc guys [19:15:52] djayc: this is crazy. [19:15:54] punchbowl__: Order valtrex online usa @bing aussie you're not going to believe what's happening [19:15:54] dontshootmebro: i have a scanner on mute [19:15:58] punchbowl__: they're saying taking fire [19:16:02] dontshootmebro: the way they are asking you to turn your volume up [19:16:08] roastedcoyote: can someone start MTS stream from my TV ? [19:16:12] Muhsy_: [19:16:16] toodamnparanoid: they're going to burn him alive [19:16:18] _intrelan: anyone got a confirmed fire? [19:16:19] bing: i'm looking at this thread [19:16:22] BananaP: KTLA is down [19:16:28] dontshootmebro: he will be the first one to say it ISN'T him [19:16:32] dontshootmebro: he wont shut up [19:16:34] rad_: its on.

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2 Responses to “Bodhisattvas of Science ~ Sagan, Feynman, deGrasse Tyson & Nye sing to the rhythm of the universe”

Read below or add a comment...

  1. Victor says:

    I grew up with Carl Sagan, and in many ways, I am a scientist today beucsae of him.As long as he focused upon astronomy, he was one of the most outstanding scientists the world has ever known.His ability to express complex aspects of astronomy, in ways that the public could understand, will be difficult to equal.In his last few years, he lost my respect when he fell into the “Nuclear Winter” trap.He was no longer teaching astronomy, but some form of religion. He believed in it with all of his heart, but the science ended up being against him.Those primitive computer models ignored such simple things like wind, on the planet Earth.Let this be a lesson to all of us, that consider ourselves scientists.Carl Sagan taught me so many things, and perhaps his last lesson, was the most valuable of them all.

    • Peter says:

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Victor.

      Yeah, Sagan –particularly his Cosmos series — had a profound effect on my world view as well.

      I do remember quite vividly the Cold War fear of nuclear winter.

      In defense of Sagan and the hundreds if not thousands of other scientists, they were working with the best science available at the time… the best any scientist can do. Hindsight is a luxury enjoyed by those who live on the other sidea of breakthroughs.

      Moreover, nuclear winter as a theory appears to have not gone away, with studies being done in the past decade providing evidence in support. Recent studies have shown not only climate change but the potential for seriously damaging or depleting the ozone layer. Ozone depletion on such a scale as resulting from a nuclear war between Pakistan and India could result in lethal amounts of solar radiation reaching the earth’s surface.

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