Explore Within ~ Chances are Sheryl Crow can take you there

Aside from being among the most beautiful songs in Sheryl Crow’s very large catalogue of extraordinary, Chances Are lyrically reaches deep down inside and churns about, exploring within. The lyrics seem to be about trying to make a difficult relationship work, but I enjoy reading it as a light on the pathway of spiritual living, especially the refrain.

Terence McKenna said
It is better to explore within
We were apes before we spoke of sin
That’s the way it’s always been
It all comes down to creating time
You don’t always have to make it all rhyme
We’ll all drive off in our hybrid lives
Chances are we’ll make it back

Living doesn’t always rhyme, and wanting it to do so can really drag you down. We drive off in search of something better, or run away from what ails us, make concessions to the desire to rhyme, or rhyme with a particular meter, all the while getting further and further out of tune. If we can stop the car for a moment, remind ourselves of a time without judgements (sin) and the need for life to unfold in certain ways, explore within rather than seek the pleasures and desires without, chances are we’ll find a way back to a state in which the rhyme and rhythm can occur naturally.

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