Seeking the true behind the true. . .

True or False?

True or False?

Some random thoughts on truth and being true…

I no longer put much stock in "the truth". That phrase predisposes us to notions of an objective reality (one that exists without imagination ;), one that is permanent, unchanging, eternal. Truth is a fiction established as fact through reason.

On the other hand, i put all my faith in what is true, as in "what is true to your heart?" You know what is true in your gut. We can be true to ourselves and others without ever apprehending the truth.

The interesting thing about what is true is that our gut, heart and soul often seem to sense it differently, so being true to our heart sometimes rings false in our gut. Sometimes the path our soul lays before us appears to lead our heart astray. I’ve been wondering about divergences of true feelings lately. It occurs to me that such are the times we yearn most for the truth, like there’s some grand unifying theory of what is true.

Sometimes a part of us feels true, but what feels true is a yearning, a craving, something that cannot be fulfilled, which is what creates our inner conflicts. What we need to listen for is the true behind the true. Often we have so cleverly disguised this with our yearnings that it is the barest of whispers we need to listen for. Identifying with the yearning, its pain, is familiar to us, and we’re drawn to it. It’s value to us, however, can only be realised if we use our yearning as a guide to the essence underlying it, and  from which we’ve strayed.

Sometimes we believe we are letting go of something, or someone when, in fact, we are letting go of something about ourselves that we no longer need. It’s when we cling to that part of ourselves, a part of us that seems true, but is not, that letting go becomes difficult.

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