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  1. Peter says:

    Some notes on the genesis of this couplet…

    It is a precious heart’s birthday, so I give her a song, Veda Hille’s “Precious Heart”, along with these words:

    The first day of a year in life on the other side of lost. This is a song about where you’ve come from.

    At the start of something new, a grand embarkation, it’s good to recollect for a moment where we have already been, and what we have left behind. It reminds us that no matter how lost we may become, we are always able to find our way. It clarifies the path ahead, and reminds us of the strength we have in us to tackle any obstacles. The next step is always the path you’re on.

    Now, don’t look back.

    Happy Birthday, precious heart.

    Precious heart replies: Thank you, for that song and lyrics, certainly time for me to find my feet and start dancing again. Xo

    I <smile>. Why walk the path, when you can dance it? I like that.

    You will understand our exchange better if you listen to the song’s lyrics:

    Or better yet, read them here, along with more about this beautifully poignant song’s meaning fore me:

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