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God Beauty Perfection Love :: Divine Synonyms

Delusions. . . Winter’s Tale Soldier

Beauty Perfection Synonyms


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  1. Staci says:

    Hey there, buckoo! Where do you get off altering my posts?! Back off or I’m outta here.

    jk — lol

    But…seriously, Peter, for this to work I need to know I ‘own’ my contributions. That means acquiring my approval on edits and changes to any element of a post.

    I think I get you on categorising Synonyms. It gives me an idea for a post.

    Muses is a great idea. I was wondering how we’d work that kind of material — the inspirations that move us — into the blog. Concise and straightforward. I’ve, er, ‘taken the liberty’ of adding a new sub-cat: Web. Finally, what do you think of renaming some of the other sub-cats? “Words” for “Books” and “Movement” for “Film”? And what about one for People?


  2. Staci says:

    Hmmmm…. two days without a response… Moreover, you have not posted anything since this…


  3. Staci says:

    Peter?! Hey, what’s up?

    Tweet, have you seen Peter?

  4. Staci says:

    Hey, am I the only person left on this?

  5. Tweet says:

    Oh…sorry, Staci. Just getting up. Codewriter’s hours, you know. 😉

    Haven’t seen Peter in a couple days. Don’t know where he is, but his bike and car are both gone…

  6. Peter says:


    Sorry, sorry.

    The chaos got to be a bit much…both with all the externals (moving, the gas company disconnecting us, work…so much more) and the emotional and spiritual. I needed some re-connect time, so it was me, my journal and some camping for the weekend.

    On the + side…wrote tons. Just have to transcribe and post. Well, transcribe, edit and post.

    Staci, the synonyms are great…I’ll have a longer look at those tomorrow, but I think they’re more refined and complete than you believe.

    Tweet . . . the quote’s a brilliant addition and thanks for all the great tweets ;). For a girl of few words…

    btw, how are we doing? Traffic? Subscribers?

    For now, it’s a quick shower to wash off a weekend of cycling and no cleansing…phew!…and then back into the comfort of my own bed.

    Sweet dreams all.

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