Deva Premal: the tranquility of Gayatri Mantra

A day of stress and frustrations and, in the end, a recognition that I’m not ready to move forward on a course of action requiring a one-year commitment…not just yet…not without a more careful consideration of the options and possibilities. So, a little something to calm the soul….

This is perhaps my favourite of Deva Premal’s mantras. The live performance is a bit down-tempo from the studio album, and the addition of an audience singing along adds…something…making it all the more soothing.

Sometimes, a little beauty and soul-connection with no other purpose in mind is the best course of action.

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  1. karen moonen says:

    You’re right Peter….this is one of my favourites and I quite often listen to it as my head hits the pillow and I need to just “chill” before sleep 🙂

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