Contact: When science learns faith…

Following is some dialog from the film Contact, a film adaptation of Carl Sagan’s sci-fi novel of the same name.

I had… an experience. I can’t prove it. I can’t even explain it. All I can tell you is that everything I know as a human being, everything I am — tells me that it was real.

I was given something wonderful. Something that changed me. A vision of the universe that made it overwhelmingly clear just how tiny and insignificant — and at the same time how rare and precious we all are. A vision… that tells us we belong to something greater than ourselves… that we’re not — that none of us — is alone.
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Seeking the true behind the true. . .

True or False?

True or False?

Some random thoughts on truth and being true…

I no longer put much stock in "the truth". That phrase predisposes us to notions of an objective reality (one that exists without imagination ;), one that is permanent, unchanging, eternal. Truth is a fiction established as fact through reason.

On the other hand, i put all my faith in what is true, as in "what is true to your heart?" You know what is true in your gut. We can be true to ourselves and others without ever apprehending the truth.
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The path from emergency to emergence



Glad you understood and appreciate The Butterfly , Peter. I found this today on the 11:11 site, perhaps its timing is as pertinent 😉



If we continue walking on the crumbling road of duality, we will experience a continual state of emergency. If we are still working at a job we hate, it may well disappear. If we’re still holding onto a partner who is not our One True Love, the partnership has a good chance of splitting apart. If we are still filling our lives with activities that have expired or are superficial, they will be cut away from us. If we still believe in lack and scarcity, we will experience more of it. Read more »

The Butterfly

A passage from one of my favourite books…

Zorba the Greek ~ Nikos Kazantzakis

Zorba the Greek
by Nikos Kazantzakis

I remember one morning when I discovered a cocoon in the back of a tree just as a butterfly was making a hole in its case and preparing to come out. I waited awhile, but it was too long appearing and I was impatient. I bent over it and breathed on it to warm it. I warmed it as quickly as I could and the miracle began to happen before my eyes, faster than life. The case opened; the butterfly started slowly crawling out, and I shall never forget my horror when I saw how its wings were folded back and crumpled; the wretched butterfly tried with its whole trembling body to unfold them. Bending over it, I tried to help it with my breath, in vain.
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The Unfillable Hole in Man

From the film, Apocalypto:



And a Man sat alone, drenched deep in sadness. And all the animals drew near to him and said: "We do not like to see you so sad…Ask us for whatever you wish and you shall have it."

The Man said, "I want to have good sight."
       The vulture replied, "You shall have mine."
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The Green Book

A rumination of mine on Steely Dan’s "Green Book". (Lyrics )

A fantasy — the Green Book — a tome of loves had, and loves lost, and loves never known — and from them a conglomerate, a creation of iconic love, Marilyn 4.0…a vision of nostalgia that never was, before him, there, all Kiss Me Deadly.
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The Choice :: To Live

Carpe Diem ~ Choosing to Live

Carpe Diem
Choosing to Live

So I wonder at myself, again. I wonder when will I choose to live? Yes. I’m alive, I’m manifest in this corporeal form. I made that choice before I had a body to live in. I’m here, asking this question, because I made the choice to be alive. But I haven’t yet made the decision to live, to live through the purpose I came to be alive for.

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Divine Synonyms

God Beauty Perfection Love :: Synonyms

God Beauty Perfection Love
Divine Synonyms

Peter, et. al.

I thought we could expand on our Divine Synonyms by listing synonyms for them.  It’s proving to be more difficult than I’d expected…

God : The divine, transcendence — the connectedness of all creation within which we all exist, can experience, can become consciously connected to, can become a giving part of.
synonyms : enlightened, eternal, transcendent, divine, universal life force, world spirit, world soul, sacred, the Dao (my thesaurus lists no synonyms for Dao!), harmony (in its theologic sense, eg: harmony of the spheres), grace (in the spiritual sense), Read more »

RE: Delusions. . .

God Beauty Perfection Love :: Divine Synonyms

God Beauty Perfection Love
Divine Synonyms


Why have you never brought up Helprin before? The passage you quote in Delusions. . . is scrumptious. Should I begin with Winter’s Tale ? Or Soldier?

A couple things about categorisation… You’ve categorised that post in both Beauty and Perfection . I think as far as the sub-categories go, we should pick one. I know with the sub-categories of Synonyms (God, Beauty, Perfection & Love), that will sometimes be difficult. They are, afterall, synonymous. 😉  However, I think it’s important to always ask ourselves what the true intent of the posting is, and categorise it accordingly. I’ll try and set out what I mean by each…
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