The path from emergency to emergence



Glad you understood and appreciate The Butterfly , Peter. I found this today on the 11:11 site, perhaps its timing is as pertinent 😉



If we continue walking on the crumbling road of duality, we will experience a continual state of emergency. If we are still working at a job we hate, it may well disappear. If we’re still holding onto a partner who is not our One True Love, the partnership has a good chance of splitting apart. If we are still filling our lives with activities that have expired or are superficial, they will be cut away from us. If we still believe in lack and scarcity, we will experience more of it. If we hold onto the belief that hardship is a natural part of life, life will be hard. If we are still hiding from our True Selves by building walls of resistance, all our hiding places will be stripped away. If we cling onto our old security nets, they will disappear from under our feet. If we are still basing our actions upon fear, then our fears will be so greatly magnified that we will either break down or breakthrough. This is the Path of Emergency.


If this road doesn’t sound very appealing, we all have the choice of walking a totally new road, the Path of Emergence. Here, we put all our efforts into emerging as True Core Beings. We continually remove each old pattern, each glitch that arises, all past residue, from our Personal Matrix. We constantly hone our beings so that we only speak our truth, so that we only express our true feelings. We let go of any activities, friendships and partnerships that are no longer real and true. We stop working at jobs that drain away our lifeforce and create new jobs where we can fully express our creativity and serve our true purpose. We find our hidden bank accounts and know that we will always be taken care of. We expand our stance and stand as the true King of Kings or Queen of Queens that we really are. We become Warriors of Love and spread LOVE everywhere we walk!

2009 is the Year of the Emergence of the True Ones. It is time for us to step in, step forward, join together as One, awaken the vast potential of the sleeping giant of our One Being and finally do what we came here to do. The more we do this, the easier everything will become. The miracles will manifest, the Green Lights will not only remain on, they will become increasingly brighter, illuminating our clear pathway into the New and True.

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  1. Peter says:

    Ahh, yes, Staci. You’ve hit the mark again beautifully. I read and sense that I am just transitioning from Emergency to Emergence. Heady times!

    Thank you all for your patience while I work this through. . .


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