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Now and Love

A moment in perfect time

If I can make the time for it Give it my full attention Allow the experience To permeate my being There is no future reward No past achievement More meaningful More fulfilling More exquisite Than the experience Of this very moment Now There are but two secrets To living fully, […]

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One and All

Love & Hate, Heart via

It is through our perception of this realm of manifestation And our will to reason about all we perceive That we learn to believe in opposites. Beauty & Ugliness Love & Hatred Good & Evil Only words. Only names for the unnameable. The concepts they speak of, Only manifestations of […]

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The Path of Becoming

Backward Glance by David Wright

We are always changing, But only to become ourselves. What we leave behind was not ours. What we carry forward is,      if only for the moment.   Sometimes a backward glance clarifies      what was,           what remains,                what will be.

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