The Speck Becomes the Sea

We are, each of us, a speck,
living on a speck,
rotating around a speck
which is just one of billions of specks
clustered in a speck.

Here am I
experiencing my own
infinitesimal significance.

I realize: I am a miracle,
infinite in my miraculousness.

In all the uncountable experiential specks
that are consciousness in this vastness,
there is but one that is me.

Only one listening
to gulls cry
from this apartment,
tapping this experience
into a keyboard.

One conscious being
in an endless sea of consciousness.

And so the speck
becomes the sea.

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  1. Peter Scherba says:

    GOD’s definition: Something of which nothing can be greater and not just as a concept in one’s mind but as the actual comprehension in a reality of boundless pure existence itself… Absolute.

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