Emergence… Metamorphosis

Monarch Butterfly on Daisy

Monarch Butterfly on Daisy

The butterflies are gorgeous, gorgeous. All of them, but I really love the monarchs and daisies. They’re special. I know you’ve already sold Tweet on the lonely butterfly, but …  if you’re going to go with butterflies anyway, those are stronger images. I do like Tweet’s avatar, though!

Was it at all tempting to categorise that post under "Perfection" rather than "Beauty"? Or in addition to? I know you tagged it ‘perfection’, but there is something so perfect about them, something that transcends beauty…maybe they deserve to be categorised in "Perfection" too?  I know your intention for that category is for representations of ‘enlightened paths’ rather than expressions of beauty, but … butterflies are a metaphor for transcendence to a state of perfection. Is there anything more perfect than a butterfly drying its wings after emerging from the chrysalis?

That brings me to the butterflies themselves. Do you really think they’re the best thematic representation? When we brainstormed names for the site, the themes you were most drawn to were emergence, transformation and metamorphosis. You say the big changes are still coming (an amazing possibility given the profound breakthroughs and changes you’ve already experienced) so why pick a thing so perfect?

Metamorphosis by Heidi Hanson

Heidi Hanson

I just had a quick google for metamorphosis and found this image…maybe it’ll give you something to think on…so many great themes in it — and a butterfly too!

lol — listen to me. Using "God Beauty Perfection Love :: Synonyms" was my idea (I do so love it. It’s my favourite of the "16 Thoughts " … oh, 17 now). And the butterfly is a near perfect representation for it: It’s divine, beautiful, perfect and who couldn’t love a butterfly? Becoming the butterfly is what this site’s all about, right?

Go with the butterfly.  But use the daisies!!! They’re so gorgeous, gorgeous!


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