Spiritual experiences which are as real as life to some may be incomprehensible to others.
~ William O. Douglas

This blog is an exploration of many things on many levels and, I suspect, will continue to evolve as it has in the short week it has existed (as of this writing).

First :¬† God Beauty Perfection Love :: Synonyms is an experiment in collaborative storytelling. My intention is to take this much further than traditional media have allowed authors in the past. The idea is to allow the characters to inhabit¬† the virtual world in which they have been created. You’ll find them participating in various places around the web such as Twitter, Facebook, their own websites, etcetera.

Please do participate. Write comments on the posts. Interact with them on various social media. Also, please participate so in the spirit of this work. That is, treat the characters as individuals, like any other person you’d find online. Do not refer to them as fictional characters in your posts, nor to this blog as a work of fiction. Just be yourself…or create a character of your own.

Second : while this is essentially a work of fiction, the story of Transformations is derived from real events that have occurred in my life, and those of others. Peter’s story is, in essence, my own. Most other characters reflect aspects of myself, represent real people in my life and/or are conglomerates of real and fictional people. Petan, and Johor are inspired by characters in Doris Lessing’s Shikasta. I am trying to be as honest and factual — as truthful — about Jane as I can be. Telling this story, our story…her story…is a promise I made to her.

Third : the author/creator/designer wishes to remain anonymous, for a variety of reasons. Chief among them are all the implications of the quote appearing at the top of this page. Please respect my privacy. I am willing to respond to any or all questions about my life and experiences, so long as questions and responses do not overtly reveal my identity. In general, direct your queries to the appropriate character. If you’re asking about Peter’s experiences, ask Peter. If you want to know something about Jane, ask her. For now, use the comment forms at the bottom of each post’s Permalink page.

For comments regarding the nature of the blog itself, or the process of writing, or any other question outside the scope of the blog entries themselves, you can do so here. Tweet is working on a MetA rea of this blog in which this sort of discussion can take place.

Have fun with it…I hope you enjoy the journey.