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Why have you never brought up Helprin before? The passage you quote in Delusions. . . is scrumptious. Should I begin with Winter’s Tale ? Or Soldier?

A couple things about categorisation… You’ve categorised that post in both Beauty and Perfection . I think as far as the sub-categories go, we should pick one. I know with the sub-categories of Synonyms (God, Beauty, Perfection & Love), that will sometimes be difficult. They are, afterall, synonymous. 😉  However, I think it’s important to always ask ourselves what the true intent of the posting is, and categorise it accordingly. I’ll try and set out what I mean by each…

Does that illuminate what I’m thinking with these sub-categories any better?  If a post explores more than one sub-category then use tags to make that clear, but choose the sub-category most appropriate to your intent. There may be a few occasions where it’s appropriate for posts to appear in more than one sub-category, but we’ll handle that on a post-by-post basis.

You’ve perhaps noticed I’ve added a new primary category, Muses . We can use this for posts which describe, review or otherwise explore a resource from outside this blog like books, film, music and images. I’ve made each of those a sub-category in Muses. I’ve also taken the liberty of applying these categories to my posts and yours too. As you can see from the way I’ve categorised Delusions, a post can appear in both Synonyms and Muses.

btw: I’m so glad you decided to participate in this. I’m already loving the quality of your posts. This is getting very exciting!


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