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God Beauty Perfection Love
Divine Synonyms

Peter, et. al.

I thought we could expand on our Divine Synonyms by listing synonyms for them.  It’s proving to be more difficult than I’d expected…

God : The divine, transcendence — the connectedness of all creation within which we all exist, can experience, can become consciously connected to, can become a giving part of.
synonyms : enlightened, eternal, transcendent, divine, universal life force, world spirit, world soul, sacred, the Dao (my thesaurus lists no synonyms for Dao!), harmony (in its theologic sense, eg: harmony of the spheres), grace (in the spiritual sense), spirit realm, the beloved. (Whenever we experience reverence, or awe, or we sense deeply that which is greater than ourselves, we are experiencing something divine, or transcendent. Note that none of these synonyms necessarily imply or infer a God, or Gods)
Beauty : A way of perceiving — how we apprehend and express the various manifestations of that perfect creation
synonyms : grace (as in, say, dance, or elegance), harmony (harmony in form, musically), melifluous, melodious, concinnity
Perfection : A state of being — when we directly experience that perfect creation, recognise our essence as being part of it.
synonyms : ideal, integrity, transcendent, sublime, ripe, immaculate, summit, paragon, impeccable,
Love : A state of giving — when we feed our perfection back into creation as energy, as compassion, as a blessing, as unconditional love, as loving kindness.
synonyms : harmony (as in being in harmony with another being), loving kindness, passion, wonder, abandon, giving, surrender 

See Peter’s comment below for additional discussion.

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