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Tumare Darshan ~ The essence of Noosa

The Essence ~ Deva Premal

The Essenceby Deva Premal

OK… something to end this very loooong, but very productive day. A song that I will always associate with a beautiful beach in a faraway land and a short strip of magical bistros and restaurants barely more than a stone’s throw from the beach. There were sacred sunrises, and uncanny encounters, bliss and sorrow, beauty and heat, surf, sand and sun. Some very special people entered my life there, sharing food, fun and laughter, and profound spiritual experiences.

For a week, this song and the pertinently titled album on which it appears were, in fact, “The Essence” of the moment, as I walked with a dancer’s sway and swagger through the world, through the preternaturally divine realm of Noosa, Australia, beginning each day perched atop a hill, waking in time to cycle to the beach and its splendid sunrise, serenading it into the sky with a didjeridu. Sacred moments spent in a sacred place.

And now, it seems, there is a little of that sway, and something of that swagger, re-emerging here, in Whistler. Yes, this summer has proven to be another big moment. Already I can look back just a little more than a week, and see the changes beginning, building. Yes, it’s a little sacred here, too, in this place perched on the side of a much larger hill. I find myself, again.

Tumare Darshan
The season has arrived where
I will finally see you
And dance with you.

With the breathing in of joy
It is time to live in bliss.

Tumare darshan ki bela,
ye mausam raas rachane ka

Liye ullas ki sanse,
samay masti me jine ka

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