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Butterfly Transformation

Butterfly Transformation

Spiritual experiences which are as real as life to some may be incomprehensible to others.
~ William O. Douglas

This blog is an exploration of many ideas and insights on many levels by several writers. We are all participating anonymously, so we can reveal our deepest selves, and therefore write with an uncommon intimacy for a blog.

We write primarily on spiritual themes, concentrating on questions about divinity, spirit, being, existence, life after death, reincarnation, love, beauty and how to live a full, enriching and spiritual life. None of us claims to have or provide definitive answers to these questions; we’re just fellow pilgrims, seeking those answers like everyone else.

About the blog

God Beauty Perfection Love :: Synonyms, revolves around real events from the life of Peter, one of several authors contributing to the blog. The events themselves are extraordinary, inexplicable and, perhaps, incomprehensible to those who have no similar experiences to measure them against. The story told by the posts categorised in Transformations is based on those events. The first post in the story is Glenn. Navigation links appear on each story post to help you navigate through the story from start to finish.

Posts in the other categories explore various topics raised by the story, or just of particular interest to one of us.

The Meta Blog

OK, here’s the story within this story of intimate friends helping one of their own tell his story. It’s also something of a writing experiment, an attempt to tell a story from the perspective of several characters collaborating on a blog. There is, in fact, only one author writing on this site. His name is Patrick Jennings and you can learn more about him on his other active blog, or for something more biographical there’s this  hopelessly outdated non-biography posted on another blog he created long before blog was a word (we called them online journals then).

The Characters

Peter, Petan, Johor, Staci and Tweet are all characters to whom I’ve given life outside the confines of the Transformations story. They post blog entries discussing aspects of the story, and write comments on each other’s posts.

Peter’s story is, in essence, my own. The other characters reflect aspects of myself, represent real people in my life and/or are conglomerates of real and fictional people. Petan, and Johor are inspired by characters in Doris Lessing’s Shikasta .

The character Jane represents a real being. I am trying to be as honest and factual — as truthful — about Jane as I can be. Telling this story, our story…her story…is a promise I made to her.

Reading the Story

Every post and every comment is part of the blog’s overall story. Readers wishing to keep up with it all should subscribe via RSS or email to receive notifications of new posts and new comments. See the Subscribe page to learn more and to subscribe to these.

GBPL::S also maintains presences on Facebook and Twitter. In addition to notifications of new blog posts, I also post insights, thoughts, links to images, music and books, and other tidbits to these that don’t make it to the blog. Actually, the facebook page provides something of a separate, sometimes vibrant community. However, no notifications for new blog comments appear on these forums. Use RSS and eMail notifications to keep up with comments.

You’re a character too :: Play your part in the story

I invite you to be a part of the story. That’s part of the experiment. Please, I hope you’ll participate by interacting with the characters; write comments on the posts. Just remember to consider them real people and respond to them as such.

Tweet’s the blog’s administrator and she’s working on a Meta section of the blog where you’ll be able to interact with me directly. Since she’s a fictional character, I don’t expect that task to get completed anytime soon. So, for now, just use the comment field below if you have a question.

Love and Light… Namaste.

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