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Trying to figure out this life: I’m with you, Avril Lavigne

Let Go ~ Avril Lavigne

Let Go ~ Avril Lavigne

Every now and again I’ll find myself humming a tune — I’m usually humming a tune — somewhere in my subconscious, but, suddenly, I’ll become aware that I am, and I’ll know just as suddenly I need to figure out why…

Not that I can just right now but this brings up images from other people’s lives, people in my life and out of it, and on the fringe. Not my life; I’m really pretty OK.

Still… But… Hmmm…

I’m standin’ on the bridge
I’m waitin’ in the dark,
I thought that you’d be here, by now.
Theres nothing but the rain,
No footsteps on the ground,
I’m listening, but there’s no sound.

Isn’t anyone tryin’ to find me?
Won’t somebody come take me home.

What makes it even more interesting, I’ve always mentally sung the chorus as, “It’s a damn, cold lie”, not “It’s a damn cold night.”

<smile> Maybe it’s the name of the album, Let Go, that’s meant for me? lol Anyone else touched by this?

Sometimes, meaning lingers just out of reach. But it’s there, a beacon in the night. Something to seek. In that, there is always illumination.

In any case, it’s a damn fine song.

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